Submission of Scorecard

Last updated on: 01 November 2021

  1. Members are required to submit a score card every time a round of 18-holes is played whether at any of the Club’s Courses or elsewhere, which shall include the following information:
    • Member’s name and Club Membership number;
    • Member’s current or official handicap, whichever is lower;
    • Date round played;
    • Course Rating;
    • Slope Rating;
    • 18-hole score
    • National handicapping system number
  2. All scorecards submitted shall be signed by the Member concerned and countersigned by a marker. If a Member fails to submit a card, the Management shall submit a card on his/her behalf with a nett score below the Course Rating, the number of which shall be decided by the Management. For handicap purposes, the Management will accept scorecards up to a maximum of five (5) incomplete holes per round. Any incomplete hole should be clearly marked.
  3. Any Member failing to submit a scorecard in accordance with Rule 2.13.10 for a period exceeding six (6) months shall have his/her name removed from the handicap list and kept on the non-active list. As soon as he/she submits a new scorecard of 18-holes within the next twelve (12) months, his/her handicap will be reinstated but shall be current. When he/she has submitted ten (10) score cards, he/she shall be given an official handicap. In the event the Member fails to make a return within fourteen (14) months, his/her handicap record will be removed from the handicap register. Thereafter, the Member shall be required to obtain a new handicap.