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Exclusively for members to access facilities and manage activities while on the go!

KLGCC Berhad's elite mobile app provides members with quick access to booking tee times and club facilities, ordering food at the Golfers Terrace, submitting scorecards and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setup an Account

You may download and install the “KLGCC Berhad” mobile application from Google Play or Apple App store. The mobile application is FREE and exclusively created for Club Members only.

For first time user, kindly refer to the following steps:

  • Click “Create Account”.
  • Key in your Membership Number on “Member ID”.
  • Select your verification method and key in the last 4 digits from the identity.
  • Click “Verify”.
  • Key in your password, repeat the same password on “Confirm Password”.
  • Key your phone number and click “Submit”.

Once the account is created, please key in your Member ID and password, then click “LOGIN” to start exploring.

Request for Car Sticker

Go to “More” icon, the click on “Car Sticker” section. Continue to key in your Car Model detail(s) before clicking the submit button. To check on the status, return to the “More” icon and click on “Request Status”.

  1. Application for car sticker(s), whether for a new application, renewal or replacement MUST be attached with the following documents and email it to rahida.annual@simedarbyproperty.com or noor.atikah.zulkafli@simedarbyproperty.com
    1. A photocopy of the vehicle registration card(s) in Member’s name.
    2. The old car sticker(s) of the immediate prior year (except for first time application).
    The management reserves the right to reject any application without providing any reason.
  2. Each Member is entitled to a maximum of only two (2) car stickers free of charge.
  3. The charges for car stickers application are as follows: (*The below fees & charges are subject to adjustment should there be changes in the law concerning taxes that would affect the fees & charges)
    1. No charges will be imposed for the first two (2) car stickers.
    2. RM100* each will be imposed for the subsequent third and fourth car sticker.
    3. RM20* will be imposed for replacement of a car sticker. Any application for replacement without returning the previous car sticker will be considered as loss/damage of car sticker.
    4. RM200* will be imposed for any loss/damage of each car sticker.
  4. The car sticker issued shall be valid for a period as provided therein. A Member may request for replacement of car sticker before the expiry of the said car sticker due to change of vehicle ownership, any loss or damage to the car sticker subject to the above mentioned conditions. Replacement charges will also be imposed for any renewal or replacement which is not supported with the old car sticker.
  5. A Member may authorize a representative to collect the car sticker(s) on the Member’s behalf provided that the representative submits the original copy of this Application Form duly signed by the said Member. The Club shall not be responsible for any loss suffered or damages incurred by any Member in any manner whatsoever due the said authorization by the Member. The Member shall also, at all times be responsible for the conduct of the representative.
  6. Collection of car sticker(s) MUST be made at Membership Department Office only.
    Monday to Friday - 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
    Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
  7. The issuance of car sticker does not confer an automatic right of entry to the Club. Any car sticker(s) issued by the Club to Members cannot be duplicated, loaned to any third party or affixed to any other vehicle. The Club reserves the right to refuse any vehicle (including those bearing the car sticker) from entering the Club premises due to any misuse of the car sticker.
  8. The Members shall at all times ensure the due observance of the terms and conditions stipulated herein and the Club’s By-Laws in relation to Car Stickers & Car Park. The Club may impose a penalty of up to RM500 for any and each contravention or take disciplinary action, which includes but is not limited to a suspension of membership, to any Member(s) who is in breach of the terms and conditions herein and the Club’s By-Laws.

Golf Booking

Go to the “Golf” icon and click on booking, select your preferred date, golf course and tee time. Choose between 9-hole or 18-hole game and complete your booking with player(s) detail (s).

The passcode is created to allow the person making the booking of their tee-time to share this information with other players who may wish to play in the same flight by sharing his/ her passcode.

The booking number and passcode will appear at the booking notification page.

Yes, details of the booking ID will appear on the notification tab after the booking is completed.

Yes. In the booking system you may enter the player (s) Membership No. for verification. If you have trouble reserving a time, please call 03 20111400 or refer to the Golf Registration Counter at West Lobby for assistance. 

No. Single (player) tee times must be registered at the Golf Registration Counter.

Buggy booking options are available at the booking screen and/or at the Golf Registration Counter. (Terms & Conditions Apply).

Caddie Booking

Caddie booking option is available on the booking screen or during registration process via mobile application and/or at the Golf Registration Counter.

Yes. Caddie booking options for other members in the same flight are available at the booking screen, mobile application and / or at the Golf Registration Counter.

No. Guests must register and request for caddie only at the Golf Registration Counter.


Cancellation can be done via mobile application or Golf Registration Counter. Cancellation made before 48 hours from tee time is at no charge. Any cancellation made within 48 hours from the booked tee time, a late cancellation fee of RM159 per flight will be charged to the Member’s account.

Members making the booking shall be responsible for the non-appearance of any of the players on his/her flights and be liable for the payment of the no show fees of RM 318.00 net per flight.

No. Cancelled tee times are not transferable. Once cancelled, tee time slots will be available on the system for others to book.

Scorecard Submission

Members can submit their score via the mobile application after the game is played and scorecard is verified and authenticated by the Marker. (The said Marker will endorse their name, membership number and a photo of the related scorecard).

Yes, as long as the marker’s verification is recorded in accordance to the procedure mentioned above (FAQ #15) during submission of the score card page.

Yes, Members can check their handicap index for each of the KLGCC Berhad golf course selection by clicking the Peer Review section and key in the WHS number accordingly.

Yes, Members can view their played summary screen by holes, scorecard submission, and non-submission, expired and any abandoned games.

Bookings on Facilities

Go to “More” icon, then click on “Make Booking” section and select the facility, preferred date and time, the click “Submit”.

Ordering Food at Golfers Terrace

Go to “Food” icon, then scan the QR code provided at the table. Choose your menu and click “Add to cart”, then proceed in clicking “Place Order” to complete your order.

Introduction Card

Go to “More” icon, then click on “Introduction Card”. Continue to choose the preferred Club, visit period before clicking the submit button. To check on the status, return to the “More” icon and click on “Request Status”.

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Updated as of 24 September 2021