A Gastronomic Destination for Refined Diners.

From local favourites and fine dining to lighter bites and snacks, KLGCC offers a variety of delicious dining experiences that will satisfy the most discerning of cuisine connoisseurs, be it formal or relaxed. 

All of our dining outlets are open to the public and parking at the multilevel building is free of charge. There is even a buggy service available to shuttle our esteemed members and guests to and from the club as an added convenience.

General Information

  1. The various Food & Beverage facilities shall be opened daily at such hours as posted at the respective Food & Beverage facilities.
  2. Last order shall be taken not later than thirty (30) minutes before closing time.
  3. The Management may close the Food & Beverage facilities or any part thereof for any reason whatsoever.
  1. Playing of musical equipment including radio cassette players by person(s) other than the Management is prohibited in all F&B outlets.
  2. Person(s) in bathing attire are prohibited from entering any of the F&B outlets, excluding the Al Fresco.
  3. Only F&B available on the menu may be ordered and served. Outside Food & Beverages is strictly prohibited.
  4. Members are not allowed to carry their food and/or drinks to areas other than where it was ordered from.
  5. Smoking is only allowed at designated areas of the Club.
  6. No employee of the Club shall be reprimanded or punished by a Member or guest(s).
  7. Any complaint made against an employee of the Club must be referred to the Management.
  8. A Member’s or his/her guest’s maid, driver or bodyguards shall be confined to designated areas of the Club premises and shall not be permitted to use any of the facilities and amenities of the Club.
  9. Members who bring their children must ensure they do not cause any annoyance to other diners, otherwise services will be denied.
  10. Members shall produce their Membership Cards when required by authorised employees of the Club at any of the Food & Beverage outlets.
  11. Children under the age of twelve (12) years are not allowed except on permitted occasions or when accompanied by an adult.
  12. No alcohol beverages and cigarettes shall be served to children under the age of eighteen (18) at all Food & Beverage outlets.
  13. No food and/or drink from outside of the Club are allowed. Duty free liquor is strictly prohibited at all Food & Beverage outlets.
  14. No duty-free liquor is to be consumed in the outlets.
  15. Corkage for every bottle of wine or liquor brought in is at the following rates:
Liquor RM 80 per bottle
Wine RM 40 per bottle

*Prices quoted are NETT in Ringgit Malaysia. 

All esteemed members and guests at KLGCC’s Food & Beverage facilities shall be appropriately attired according to the dress codes applicable to each facility:

Banqueting/Function Rooms Smart casual. No sleeveless shirts, slippers and shorts are allowed.
Golfers Terrace Golfing attire is allowed. No collarless/sleeveless shirts and slippers are allowed.
Karaoke Lounge Smart casual. No sleeveless shirts and slippers are allowed.
Members’ Lounge Smart casual. No collarless/sleeveless shirts, slippers and shorts are allowed.
Japanese Restaurant No sleeveless shirts, slippers and shorts are allowed.
Cigar Lounge Smart casual only. No shorts, slippers and collarless/sleeveless shirts are allowed.
Piano Lounge Smart casual. No shorts, slippers and collarless/sleeveless shirts are allowed.