Local Rules

Last updated on: 01 November 2021


  1. Subject to the approval of the Management, the Golf Manager shall be authorised to make amend or vary the rules pertaining to the control of play.
  2. All golfers and guests should report to the Golf Registration Centre at least thirty (30) minutes before the tee-off time and be at the tee-box at least ten (10) minutes before the tee-off time.
  3. All players shall ensure that they tee-off at their assigned time and shall not delay their play.
  4. Minimum three (3) golfers per flight are permitted on weekends, public holidays and (2) golfers per flight on weekday.
  5. A golfer may not play more than one golf ball at any time in the Golf Courses.
  6. Non golfers may not accompany golfers in the Golf Courses.
  7. Only Members’ guests with a valid handicap are allowed to play on the West Course.
  8. Undue Delay/Slow Play
  • Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found after a search of not more than three (3) minutes. They should also not continue play until the players following them have passed and are out of range.
  • If the group ahead is slowing down the group behind with one (1) clear hole then the group behind shall be allowed to pass and play through in the same manner as 2.9.5
  • Players are expected to assist and cooperate with the Officials and Course Marshalls in their attempts to expedite the play of any group of players.
  1. Issue and return of score cards – Score cards will be issued to each golfer. All score cards issued must be properly completed and signed by every golfer concerned and returned to the boxes provided for handicap purposes without delay upon completion of the round. All golfers are therefore reminded not to lose or throw away any such score cards regardless of the number of holes played for any reason, including cancellation of play due to bad weather.


  1. Eligibility for Club competitions shall be confined to Members with an official Club handicap.
  2. The dates, times, courses and entrance fees for all competitions shall be determined by the Management.
  3. Competitors taking part in a Club competition shall have priority on the Golf Courses and other players shall permit competitors to pass through.
  4. The scores shall be recorded during the course of play and the scorecard countersigned by a marker appointed by the Management or the player’s opponent.
  5. In competitions extending over more than one (1) day, the Management may at any time on the first day declare play cancelled if it considers that the course is not playable for any reason or that proper play is impossible due to insufficient light. If play is not declared cancelled by the Management on the first day, and the Course is closed on any subsequent day, the competition shall be decided on the play that had taken place on the previous day.
  6. Before the start of a competition, all competitors shall sign their names as competitors in the manner provided for and shall comply at all times with the rules of the competition. Any competitor(s) failing to observe this Rule shall be automatically disqualified.
  7. All Club competitions shall be governed by the RAGC, USGA and the Local Rules of KLGCC.
  8. A member who fails to report to the golf registrations office twenty (20) minutes before starting time shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition, and the Management may proceed to fill in his/her slot the first name available on the reserve list.
  9. Stroke competitions shall, unless the context otherwise requires, include “Bogey” and “Stableford” competitions and the qualifying rounds of other competitions in which match play is not involved.
  10. In scratch competitions to be decided by match play, the Management shall have the right at its discretion to seed players.
  11. In competitions in which a draw is made, no competitor may, unless the Management otherwise decides, play at a time other than that fixed by the Management. A competitor in any competition who fails to appear on the starting tee at the appointed time or when called, shall be disqualified, and shall nevertheless be debited with double the cost of the of the entrance fee and be precluded for a period of two months from entering any competition of the Club in which a draw is made, unless, 48-hours prior notice or an explanation in writing satisfactory to the Management is given. After the entries are closed in any competition and a draw made, no further entry will be accepted.
  12. In match play, it shall be the duty of the winner to see that the result is duly reported.
  13. Ball sweeps shall be held on such competitions and upon such conditions as the Management may decide, either in respect of the whole competition or in respect of any of the nine holes thereof. A competitor disqualified from a competition shall also be disqualified from the ball sweeps.
  14. In the event of a tie in match play competitions, the Club’s count back system shall be applicable.
  15. The Club’s count back system shall start with hole 10 to 18 and if a tie still results, with 13 to 18, 16 to 18, 17 to 18 and last hole 18, and thereafter similarly on the first nine.